About Me

Hi everyone.

Horses are my passion, and as you’re on this site, I guess they’re one of your passions as well, or at least you know someone like me. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been horse-crazy. Yes, even before I got to meet one!carol

I’m now in the fortunate position of having a horse property, and having my 3 boys living with me.

I try and provide my horses with as natural a lifestyle as possible. This is important in terms of maintaining both their physical and mental health. However, it does mean they get awfully dusty, muddy and scruffy looking at times!

I work full time so don’t have the opportunity to wash and polish my beloved equines every time they come in covered in  mud 🙁 However, I also compete so occasionally I do need to have them looking their absolute best. Over time I have developed ways of achieving this with minimum effort.

And then I had the bright idea … why not publish what I had discovered so others could make use my findings as well?

So there you have it. I am not an “expert”, but I have lived the story and I have learned a lot, and if anything I have to offer is of any benefit I will be very happy 🙂

Please feel free to leave a comment below. Introduce yourself or share a grooming tip. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy riding 🙂