Haas Grooming Brushes Review – Deceptively Good!

I’m a traditionalist. I like natural materials like wood and stone, so when I came across the largely synthetic Haas grooming brushes I wasn’t too keen to start with. But I’m revising my opinion.

The Company

Haas is a well established German company which has been in operation since 1919. To last that long they must be doing something right!

The Products

Haas produce a large variety of horse grooming products, including grooming brushes, curry combs, mane and tail combs and hoof pick products amongst others. They offer the more traditional style brushes, as well as some items with rather innovative design.

HAAS Pro Grooming Kit


The body of the brushes is made from a specially patented synthetic material. I was not overly pleased with the look of the brushes, but as I say, I have a natural aversion to synthetics! However, the obvious quality and other benefits makes this a very minor flaw.

The hand loop and the bristles are incorporated into the body of the brush during the manufacturing process. This provides an extremely high level of durability and toughness. I particularly like the fact that the bits aren’t nailed or glued together, and they definitely won’t come apart!

The bristles of the Haas brushes are made of different materials, predominantly horse hair. The longer bristles seem to be strong enough to penetrate thick coats, whilst those of the shorter haired brushes, such as the body brush, are light and gentle. Haas achieves this by combining bristles of different composition and lengths in the same brush.


The Haas brushes are a good size – not too small like many other brushes I’ve come across. The hand loops are not overly long, meaning the brushes fit one’s hand securely.


Some of the benefits of these brushes have been alluded to already. Being synthetic, they are fully and easily washable. They are extremely durable and will handle a fair amount of abuse. They are comfortable to use and a decent size. And last but not least – they don ‘t lose the bristles!! They also come in different colours 🙂


The main thing I have against these brushes is their price. Haas grooming brushes are definitely not the cheapest around. A full grooming kit will set you back around $130. However, with no less than 6 brushes I find this a bit of overkill. You can get individual brushes for between $20 and $30 dollars which can work out significantly cheaper.

Where to Buy

Reinhold’s Horse Wellness Storehorse wellness store



I am rather pleased with my experience with Haas brushes. I rate these brushes very highly in terms of being fit for purpose. The obvious quality and durability of the products makes them a good buy. The downside is the price and (in my case) the appearance, but overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


Do you have any experience with the Haas products or any questions you’d like to ask? Comment below and I’ll get back to you. Happy grooming 🙂


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